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delicious powders that can be easily mixed into juices, water or food.


delicious and easy to mix into food or drink, and suitable for kids of all ages.


measured capsule of liquid, just snip off the tail and add to food or drink!

immune health

see our range of products that can help to support healthy immune system function.

bone & teeth health

we have a range to help maintain healthy bones & teeth.

energy support

our range can help to support energy production.

no added dairy

all of our products including our calcium range have no added dairy.

no artificial colours

our entire range has no added artificial colours.

vegetarian friendly

explore which products are vegetarian friendly.

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our pentavite promise

dedicated to
children’s health

pentavite is solely dedicated to children’s health and has been for over 50 years.


we aim to source high quality ingredients to develop premium formulations for children.

no added
artificial colours

all of our products have been formulated with no added artificial colours.

nutritional intake guide for kids

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Pentavite proudly supports Australian dietary guildelines.
After all, a balanced and varied diet is so central to a growing child’s health and wellness. Click on the pie chart to reveal the national health and medical research council’s general recommendations for your child. The combination of fruit, veggies, legumes and whole grains should make up the largest portion of their diet – around 70% of what they eat!
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1 years old
12 years old

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Why are kids fussy eaters?

Meal times can be exhausting when you're the parent of a fussy eater. Does it help to know you're not alone?

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A guided tour of the brain

The brain's an extraordinary organ. Despite weighing only two percent of our body mass, the brain accounts for nearly twenty percent of our oxygen and calorie intake.

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The Manuka honeybee

Bees are quite fussy. They'll go far out of their way to find a particular type of flower, seeking out their favourite nectars and pollens. The nectar they choose has a great effect on the honey produced.

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